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Letters, Aug. 5

Letters to the Editor

Stop the scapegoating

Lately reading the opinion page is bad for my mental health. Every day we are treated to a relentless drumbeat of fear, authoritarianism and accusations that unvaccinated people are driving the current surge. Yet CDC says vaccinated people can become infected and transmit the virus. It is impossible therefore to reach herd immunity by vaccination. Herd immunity is going to have to come by natural immunity, which studies suggest is robust and long-lasting.

So I had to commend two sane writers in Sunday’s page. Bob Wetmore’s guest opinion was refreshingly common sense: everyone who wants a vaccine has it now, so end the restrictions.

If you are vaccinated, God bless you. But recognize that even vaccinating everyone cannot stop the pandemic and could make it worse. (Look up the danger of mass vaccinating into a pandemic with a “leaky” vaccine.) So stop the scapegoating already.

Which takes me to Michael Framson’s outstanding letter about history, the Orwellian behavior of our politicians and health authorities, and the great danger posed to all of us by dividing us. They do this because they love their dictatorial powers and want to keep them and accumulate more. Don’t let them get away with it.

Lynn Barton


Rural beauty being lost

Tonight at 6 p.m., the Medford City Council is putting forth a resolution to set the date for a public hearing to change the current zoning from Exclusive Farm Use to allow single-family homes to be built. Also they are correcting a zoning ordinance having to do with widening Foothill Road by changing Exclusive Farm Use to allow single-family residential use.

I ask, are there others who enjoy and appreciate the beauty and the feeling of the country drive that exist on North Phoenix / Foothill Road?

If yes, I recommend you take a drive soon, because the city is gradually decimating the beauty of this road, all for the sake of increasing the pocketbooks of, who?

I’m sure you have noticed how many acres of trees, fields and animals have already been replaced by housing along North Phoenix Road.

Robin E. Brown