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Letters, Aug. 10

More water savings

In addition to Perii Hauschild-Owen’s letter of July 12, about saving toilet water, I learned of yet another method from my two sons.

They were just able to squeeze a half-gallon container of water into my toilet’s tank. This displaces two quarts of water, giving us another way to save this most precious of all liquids.

Go for it!

Carola Lacy


Emergency I-5 on-ramp

I presume the city of Ashland and the Oregon Department of Transportation have a sound rationale for building a $100,000 emergency on-ramp to Interstate 5 next to the bridge on Mountain Avenue (“Emergency fire escape takes shape,” Mail Tribune, Aug. 6). I stipulate to the intended soundness of the plan, although the strategy appears to divert traffic away from one of Ashland’s Zone 9 exit routes, sending vehicles onto a roadway that was closed to nonessential traffic at 11:52 a.m. on the day of the Almeda fire.

In the alternative, for about $25,000 Ashland could join Oregon’s AlertWildfire network (http://beta.alertwildfire.org/; https://ohaz.uoregon.edu/alertwildfire/). For that fee the AlertWildfire network could install public-facing fire cameras and tools to help citizens, firefighters and first responders make informed ingress and egress decisions during an emergency incident. The remaining $75,000 would pay for three subsequent years of AlertWildfire system-maintenance fees.

Absent geographic clarity, evacuation routes become choke points. Joining the AlertWildfire network would provide enhanced, real-time, 24/7 situational awareness to all of the area’s citizens and emergency personnel — a primary area for improvement and recommended mitigative action, according to the Jackson County Fire Incidents After-Action Report.

Francis Gilbert

Rogue River