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Letters, Aug. 12

New mask requirements

In my opinion, those who are unvaccinated are also the ones most vocal about not wearing masks. Now, because of them, we are all required to wear masks again. Hmm?

This stinks, people.

Andrea Michl

Gold Hill

Falsehoods and follies

If Medford Urban Renewal were to be described as a myth it would be titled, “Of Fantasies, Fallacies, Falsehoods and Follies.”

Urban Renewal is defined by the sate of Oregon under Oregon Revised Statutes 457.010 paragraph 1 subparagraph a through i, which describes the conditions on which Urban Renewal is to be based. For the past 30 years Medford Urban Renewal has used the Liberty Park neighborhood as its poster child for the purpose of diverting tax dollars to remove blight, improve the safety of streets and promote regeneration of commercial and residential properties within the area as defined by Liberty Park.

Divided into three decades, the latest rendition as promoted by our city leadership was to place an emphasis on the Beatty/Manzanita Project — later renamed the Liberty Park Neighborhood. Why city leadership renamed the area project after the city’s smallest, most unused and most expensive per square foot park (valued at $500,000) is a testament to the breach of faith and betrayal by those in city leadership who continue to funnel Urban Renewal dollars away from the Liberty neighborhood and into other “pet projects.” Medford’s biggest urban myth would be MURA version 3.0 circa 2021.

Bob Shand