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Letters, Aug. 15

The cure for stupidity

As of June 12 the vaccination rate in Jackson County was 43.9%, with less than half of all eligible persons having gotten at least one dose of the COVID vaccine. This means that, despite all of the warnings and incentives given to entice people to get vaccinated, over half of the population has either failed to get the vaccine or decided they are never going get it.

Our vaccine clinics are shutting down for lack of participation, while developing countries all of the world are clamoring for vaccines. This is ludicrous. So to everyone who refuses to get vaccinated I say this:

My solution would be to give everyone in this country until Aug. 1 to get vaccinated. After that date, every available vaccine will be sent to other countries, every hospital and health care facility can refuse to accept any patient who did not get vaccinated, and every insurance company can refuse to cover any treatment that is needed.

If you don’t think you have an obligation to protect others by getting vaccinated, then no one has an obligation to care for you when you get sick.

Ken Hawes

Eagle Point

Oregon culture hijacked

Oregon’s culture is being hijacked before our eyes by social, political and economic leftists. Media, education, elections, energy, infrastructure, health and the environment are all in control of those who have taken the initiative to “change” these institutions over the last 10, 20, 30 years or so.

Fair enough; the “silent majority” — the proverbial frogs in the pan — have allowed this to happen.

It is now close to being too late for the frog to escape. But not too late, if those who understand the implications and effects of this cultural Marxist shift say “enough” and decide to get involved.

It won’t happen overnight. Don’t be overwhelmed by the scope of the challenge — pick your issue, find like-minded citizens or an existing organization that mirrors your values and get involved. Forego one golf game, one TV show — if everyone does just a little, a lot can be accomplished.

School boards, local and state offices and commissions, advocacy groups, public meetings — attend, write letters, visit and recruit — the same process the left used to their advantage remains available to those who value traditional culture.

Citizens: Wake up and decide the future is worth the effort for all of us.

Bryan Platt