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Letters, Aug. 16

Eyes of the future upon us

“The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time.” — Terry Tempest Williams

The grim IPCC 2021 report.

Climate disruption continues as atmospheric CO2 takes decades to break down and become harmless. Each decade will be worse: more heat, smoke, floods, intense rainfall, drought and suffering. No matter where you are, no escaping the impact of climate chaos.

There’s hope: a narrow window of opportunity to cut emissions. Atmosphere has warmed 2 degrees Fahrenheit over 150 years, rapid actions needed now to slow this process over the next three decades: everyone on board working to cut GHGs to stabilize emissions with total transformation of energy production and transportation with methods that don’t pump GHGs into the atmosphere, commitment, lots of work, money, and pressuring our governments to make these rapid changes.

Pressure takes time that we don’t have. This calls for generational sacrifice — those of us living today will not see the benefit of these efforts. Our heirs are being guaranteed to have a lesser future than we have enjoyed. We know this, we continue to not change and are leaving a mess for the future generations.

Louise D. Shawkat


Bezos earned his magic

As a struggling young mother I got a huge tax return one year. Coincidentally, the airlines were having a price war! So, I took my son, then 7, to Disneyland. It was something I had always wished to do for him someday. We had such a beautiful time.

Should I feel ashamed for not having given my precious tax return to the homeless or donating to climate change organizations? Our lives are not too fun without some magic. Granted, some’s magic is on such a fine scale — yearly vacations to exotic places, skiing in the Alps, surfing in Portugal, briefly becoming an astronaut for a trip into outer space.

Jeff Bezos donated $10 billion last year for organizations addressing climate change, and $100 million for the food banks. I feel it is great when people in our country become successful enough to make such humongous donations to where they are needed. They’ve earned their magic.

Patti Morey