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Letters. Aug. 18

Britt should go further

Recently Britt announced they were implementing a mask policy — saying masks are the “... simplest, most reliable and readily available means ...” of decreasing covid risk.

However, if Britt is truly invested in decreasing COVID, they would also have stated the importance of getting vaccinated. Or further, would have a COVID information table at concerts. Or, even further, would set up a vaccination station.

Volunteers observing mask non-compliance cannot be expected to request people to mask. Emotional volatility and alcohol availability places volunteers at risk. Attendees often dance, clap and sing — of course masks will be off!

People say, “Oh it is just politics,” as a reason for Britt and others not implementing more stringent measures to decrease risk. This is a cop-out. Stakeholders from Asante, Providence, Public Health, Britt, OSF, church, business and restaurant communities must have the courage to forge a united front to stop this virus.

If virus morbidity and mortality rates continue to climb, expect another season of “closed doors,” heartbreaking illness and death, employee burnout, lost business revenue and equipment shortages. Community leaders, listen to your better angels. Come together and address the peril facing our vulnerable community.

Dianne Helmer


The unvaccinated

Once again a mask mandate has been imposed on Oregon residents. Once again hospitals are being overrun with patients sickened by the COVID virus, and all non-life-threatening procedures are being canceled.

Now Jackson County is requesting a field hospital and health care workers to handle the impending onslaught of COVID patients, which has now become a certainty. All of this has happened because some people refuse to get vaccinated.

Except for those who are unable to get vaccinated because of an underlying health condition and children too young to be vaccinated, every unvaccinated person who contracts COVID should be sent to this field hospital, not a regular hospital. There they could be cared for by volunteers who want to care for them, or by their immediate family members. No hospital should have to admit them, and no health care workers should be forced to risk their lives and the lives of their loved ones to care for them.

The blame for all of this should be place squarely on the people who have caused it — those who refuse to get vaccinated, and our pathetic county commissioners who have encouraged and enabled it.

Ken and Marti Hawes

Eagle Point