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Letters, Aug. 19

Thanks for COVID coverage

Thank you for the front-page story by Vicki Aldous on Aug. 15 on the huge cost of COVID treatment: $3 million for a single local hospitalized case! Kudos for the editorial in the same issue: “Hospital treatment for COVID is costing all of us.”

How ironic! Self-proclaimed rugged individualists hold government, their communities and their neighbors in such low esteem they refuse to wear masks or get vaccinated. Yet they are getting bailed out by the rest of us. Once hospitalized with COVID, they are taking our insurance premiums, our tax dollars, our nonprofit hospitals’ revenues to treat an illness which in many cases could have been avoided or rendered less dangerous. Statistics indicate that for the most part, vaccinated people are not getting ill enough to require hospitalization.

It would be funny were it not a case of life and death.

The type of coverage you displayed on Sunday is why we must support local newspapers like the Mail Tribune.

I was in the Rogue Valley Mall on Saturday. Less than 60% of the people in this enclosed mall wore masks. Maybe they should get their news from the Mail Tribune, not a Facebook “friend.”

Montye Male



For endless years our young people have served to protect our country, far too often giving their lives, limbs, eyesight, hearing, and emotional stability for you. Now more than ever, our country is facing an enemy greater than any other and you can help.

As JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.” Now is your time to serve. Step up and get your vaccinations, wear your masks when needed, and avoid crowds. Just do it !

Dan Kime