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Letters, Aug. 24

Good luck to Hanks

How great that Adam Hanks, the former pro tem Ashland city manager, has landed a new job.

Apparently, It turns out that he did not leave City Hall due to an alleged “toxic atmosphere” as some city politicians have claimed, but because it was the time for a change. Change is good for most people and most organizations. Ashland voters recognized that last year approving the adoption of a city manager form of government.

The most important challenge facing the city’s first full-time manager will be dealing with a structural deficit that has been building due to city overspending.

The Budget Committee voted for a $1 million cut in spending or some undefined revenue increase as a downpayment on dealing with the deficit. The council adopted this recommendation.

While Hanks ably served Ashland in a number of roles, he also had such close connections with current city operations and its employees that it was impossible for him to suddenly take on the job of budget balancer.

Personally, I thank him for his service to the people of Ashland and wish him good luck with the national good government organization OpenGov.

David Runkel


God has sent protection

I saw on the news the other day a comment from an EMT who indicated that she was not vaccinated against COVID-19 and had no plans to do so because, “We pray to God and he will protect and take care of us.”

It reminded me of an old story where a woman was shipwrecked on a deserted island, with no food or water, and eventually died. When she went to Heaven, she asked God why he had not saved her. He replied that he had indeed tried to do just that. “One day I sent a ship that sailed close by the island, but you didn’t try to get their attention. On another day, I had a plane fly close overhead, but you didn’t try to signal them at all. Then, on the third day, a kayaker paddled close to shore, but again you just sat there in the sand and didn’t lift a finger to get their attention to help yourself. And, now you’re dead.”

For that EMT and other frightened anti-vaxers, I think God has sent you the protection you are looking for. It’s called a vaccination.

Penny Little



Regarding the status of our current pandemic...

“We have met the enemy and he is us” Pogo (Walt Kelly) 1970

Sad, but true.

Rick Parsagian