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Letters, Aug. 25

Concern underwhelming

The Wednesday, Aug. 18 Mail Tribune informed us that five more deaths from COVID were reported Tuesday, August 17; total Jackson County deaths were 175. Also, there were 242 new cases on Tuesday. Local hospitals are overwhelmed, with all beds filled, and patients in hallways. We are now in the midst of a medical and public health crisis.

Unlike in some other states, we are fortunate in Oregon to have a governor and state government that are not science averse; vaccination has been vigorously promoted and encouraged.

County government seems different; I read the MT every day, and have yet to see that any of our county commissioners have publicly exhorted or even gently suggested that their constituents get immunized. This pandemic is not, and should not be a political issue. Viruses are not political entities, but they are voracious opportunists; they love unvaccinated Democrats and Republicans equally. The vast majority of the people filling hospital beds and dying from COVID are unvaccinated.

Concern for the health, safety, and lives of Jackson County residents by our county commissioners appears to be grotesquely underwhelming. Ignoring a critical problem is not evidence of leadership.

Victor Mlotok, M.D., MPH


Dying of stupidity

Anti-vaccine nonsense should come with a warning: Harmful or fatal if swallowed.

A recent letter claimed we receive better immunity from infection with COVID-19 than we do from vaccines. Tell that to the families of the 625,000 killed by the infection. In fact, studies by the NIH and CDC show just the opposite.

We could have been so over this, but the unvaccinated have subjected us to another surge, overwhelmed our hospitals, spread the even deadlier delta variant and brought back mask mandates. The anti-vaxxers must be proud.

Other countries are dying for the vaccines, literally, while in the U.S. we’re throwing them away and dying of stupidity. It’s morally repugnant.

Asante said over 94% of their COVID patients aren’t vaccinated. In other words, they’re getting sick and dying by choice. They refused free, life-saving vaccines because it’s all about “freedoms” and the medical establishment injecting us with microchips, or whatever. Now they’re in a medical establishment and it’s all about taking another breath. Many don’t.

Willful ignorance has prolonged the pandemic, put health care workers through hell and cost us all a bundle of money. Be pro-life: Wear a mask, get your shots and give us our lives back.

Michael Steely