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Letters, Aug. 26

Commissioners fail us again

Sunday’s editorial on COVID contains a typically non-committal message from Commissioner Rick Dyer, who limply suggests that “nothing he could say would convince vaccine holdouts to get the shot.”

Well, Rick, I have a suggestion. Simply say, “You voted for me, you must trust me. So trust me now — get the darn vaccine!” But perhaps that would infringe too much on his constituency’s “personal freedoms.”

Grover Gardner


Achieving herd immunity

I hope it comes sooner than later, but it will happen.

The most vulnerable segment of our society, the unvaccinated, is a diminishing percentage, largely due to consequences of their own decisions. Some will finally choose vaccination, others will escape infection more by luck than intent, a percentage of those hospitalized will survive it and, unfortunately, some will succumb.

How long it will take for the curve to peak and start the downward trend is a big unknown. Meanwhile the virus is given an opportunity to evolve further, complicating our ability to reach a manageable state. Our health care facilities are maxed out, our health care professionals are exhausted and frustrated at the continuing resistance to proven medical advice, and it’s difficult to impossible for even our best medical expertise to predict whether we will need future periodic booster shots to maintain high levels of immunity.

I don’t know how anyone can reject the large volume of medical evidence that supports the effectiveness of the vaccines. Perhaps we continue to look for intelligent life in the universe because we see so little of it here.

Stan Loer

Grants Pass