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Letters, Aug. 27

Water for animals

I live in a rural area just outside Talent where we share the land with deer, coyotes, squirrels, raccoons, barn owls and hawks. It didn’t occur to me that the animals could be suffering from a lack of available water until my neighbor sent a picture of a fox drinking from a bowl that she had placed outside her back door.

The TID ditches and canals are completely dried up, and Anderson Creek, which flows through Talent, is down to a trickle. Wagner Creek, I’m sure, is being heavily used by all the property owners along its sides. That doesn’t leave much for the wildlife.

If you live in a rural (or urban) spot where animals are present, please place some containers of water where they might have access to them. I check mine every day and replenish them because they are either half empty, or muddy because critters have been bathing in them, and also to prevent breeding mosquitoes. I’m so grateful to live in a place where there is still wildlife, and providing a little water is the least I can do.

Ginger Rilling


Damn the statistics

At the risk of human lives and medical resources, the battle between church and state seems to be emerging in a new and frightening form. Damn the statistics, full speed ahead.

Sorry, but this resistance to what can save us is on a path leading only to the top of a cliff. Once there, the only option is to jump.

Mary Ann Johnson