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Letters, Aug. 28

Protest was despicable

As nurses and providers who risk their lives every day looked on, hundreds, perhaps thousands, protested in front of Rogue Valley Medical Center the evening of Aug. 25. The protesters were spurred on by perceived threats to their personal liberties and anti-government beliefs.

Crowded close together, few if any protesters wore masks. The super-spreader event showed a total disregard for public health. That it took place was a triumph of misinformation. That it took place in front of heroes who are doing everything they can to save lives was one of the more despicable scenes in the history of Jackson County.

John Hamilton


Vaccine fully approved

OK, those of you folks who have said you were afraid of getting the vaccine due to its Emergency Use Authorization but are OK with experimental treatments like monoclonal antibodies, malaria drugs and antiparasitics — you must be thrilled about the Pfizer vaccine being fully approved by the FDA.

So let’s go — get vaccinated! Do it now! Jackson County is one of the worst counties in the country for COVID-19 spread. Is it enough motivation for you that our hospitals are at capacity due to COVID-19 to the point that the Oregon National Guard has to be called in and field tents erected to house those stricken with COVID-19? Is it motivation enough to know that the vast majority of the hospitalized COVID-19 cases are of the unvaccinated?

Jackson County commissioners, this is your time to shine and do the right thing for the lives of your constituents. Urge vaccination and mask mandates now or you may not have enough voters amongst your constituents to re-elect you. Turn this around and state the truth based on science and not politics.

April Rosenthal, RN


Real masks work

I thought the half-mask plastic shield was bad (which it is very ineffective) but now there is a new “fake” mask on the market.

Many women are wearing a shimmery mask that, on the outset, looks pretty neat. However, it is sheer to where you can actually see someone’s mouth moving beneath it. This is totally ineffective in the prevention of COVID-19 (or anything else for that matter) and should not be acceptable to pass as a mask anywhere.

Remember, if you can blow a candle out while wearing your mask, then you aren’t wearing a mask that works! Imitations don’t work, but real masks do.

Linda Graham