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Online letters

National security

People are saying we can’t trust our National Security to the Taliban; I say we shouldn’t trust our National Security to Taliban Joe any longer.

Dale Casey



Conservatives start wars, liberals end them. When the Bush/Cheney cabal invaded Afghanistan and Iraq 20 years ago all us “tree hugging, left-wing hippies” who said that was a really stupid idea that will only result in the deaths of millions for the profit of a few and failure were called traitors, America haters, cowards and worse. Well — we told you so.

And so to all you phony patriots who are now tearing your clothes in anger over the the Taliban taking back Afghanistan, give it a rest, it’s grown stale. And to all you veterans of Republican wars: yes, your service, your dead, your injured, your PTSD were all in vain and again, told you so.

It’s weird how so many Americans paid zero attention to all the movies, TV shows and popular songs over the last 40 years about how little Uncle Sam cares about folks, especially you vets. Perhaps next time you’ll listen to the truth from us lefty peaceniks before falling for lies.

Robert Key


Painful but inevitable

There is no military or political solution to an ideological and cultural problem. Britain and Russia learned that lesson in the past. Now it’s our turn. Biden merely acquiesced to the inevitable.

Bruce Borgerson


America must to better

“Guess what? Employers can’t find workers, I said yeah, pay them more.” — Joe Biden

Employers are offering higher pay and sign on bonuses and still can’t find workers.

Guess what? Stop treating employees like slaves.

If Naomi Osaka and Simone Biles can’t get a mental health day, what hope do first responders or essential workers have?

America is not the exception because it pays well for slave-like conditions. The contempt employers have for their workers is codified into our states’ and nation’s labor laws.

Minimum standards against employers’ abuses have become maximum benefits. Anti-union, right-to-work, at -ill, minimum-wage employment is the gold standard, instead of a bare minimum protection.

America can and must do better if we are to be a beacon of liberty and hope for the world.

Tom Espinosa