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Letters, Aug. 31

American growing pains

We’re a proud nation of laws. Over time, we’ve moved to settle soundly many perennial debates. We’ve done so regarding the institution of slavery (we disapprove), on the rights and suffrage of women (we approve), on Prohibition (didn’t like it), and on overt, open discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation (we disapprove, although many of us have trouble with our personal practice).

The vast majority of us are positive and absolute that these questions have been altogether settled — on the side of what is fitting and proper. Our collective principles have been codified into our laws.

In 2021, almost no one bothers to seriously argue the opposing sides. Know anyone who still wants to debate the slavery question or whether women should have the vote?

The debate regarding the morality of mandated masking and COVID-19 vaccinations, however, is still far from being laid to rest; it rages. But. Check back in a few years, and this too will have been overwhelmingly decided (again). What’s necessary to bring us to this new union of understanding?

The answer is simple! We need a lot more pain, suffering and death. Fear not, my fellow Americans, we’ll get it.

Dave Kahn


Solving the hospital crisis

This paper recently reported that 95% of the patients admitted by Asante for COVID-19 were unvaccinated. And our hospitals are jammed.

Presently, vaccine refuseniks go to the front of the line, ahead of critically ill cancer, heart attack, stroke and other victims requiring immediate care. Whose idea was this and what gives refuseniks this right?

This is an absurdity and we need to bring an immediate end to it. How? The solution is simple: If you present with COVID-19 symptoms and there are inadequate facilities or staffing to handle present and anticipated patients, you must provide a vaccination certificate issued not less than two weeks previous to be admitted to the hospital. Or you provide proof, from a physician, that vaccination would have posed serious risk to you. No certificate or no proof, no admission, at the sole determination of the hospital.

In proceeding thusly, we will be doing a favor to the needlessly overworked medical staffs in our hospitals. And a big favor to the overall community as well. It might even “encourage” some refuseniks to get vaccinated.

We need to put an end to this ridiculous “crisis of the unvaccinated.”

Bob Wetmore