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Letters, Sept. 3 Mail Tribune readers


Our county commissioners tell us about the good job they’ve done fighting COVID-19. They told us they did a good job with last year’s fire emergency warning system. They’ll tell us the excellent job they’ve done managing water and the hemp situation.

Results would speak louder than words.

Linda Sawyer


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Public health

When a hurricane is about to make landfall, the right thing to do is to get out of the way or hunker down as best you can.

This is a personal safety and public health matter. When you have a public health crisis brought on by the delta variant and made worse by people who are not vaccinated and end up in the hospital, the right thing to do is to get vaccinated.

You don’t thumb your nose at 150-mph winds and torrential rains that lead to flooding. And you’d best not act like you won’t get the delta variant, get sick and possibly die, and take up scarce hospital space if you pass up the chance to get vaccinated.

If you don’t want the government to help you out in any way, then don’t get sick and get hospitalized. The fact is we all pay for your decision not to get vaccinated in many ways.

The numbers are driving the mandates. Your opportunity to avoid all this is now. Tell yourself it is OK to get protection for yourself, family and the community.

Steve Haskell


Mystery solved

I’ve been wondering why Jackson County is having so many COVID-19 cases lately. Well, I just found out. My daughter and I went shopping at an upscale market this morning (I mention upscale because I mistakenly thought people there would be more mask-aware). At the front door and throughout the store there were signs saying masks are required. But there were as many unmasked people as masked, including employees. One woman was wearing a mask around her throat. (I wanted to ask her if she was afraid her throat would catch COVID-19). Some had masks over their mouths but not noses. One man had an ineffectual plastic face shield.

We then went to a restaurant for take-out, and while waiting with our masks on, we saw more than half the customers, and many of the staff, were not wearing masks in spite of a prominent sign saying Masks Required.

Is it because they can’t read? I doubt that. Do they think they are above the requirements, or are so special, or so healthy, that COVID-19 won’t bother them? If any of the people I mentioned see this letter, I wish they would explain their thinking (I use the word loosely).

Carol Case