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Letters, Sept. 5

Writer didn’t live to see letter

I am Ron Constable’s wife. Two days after his letter of Sept. 1 was emailed to the Mail Tribune, Ron was taken to Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center. He arrived by ambulance because I called 911 so that Ron wouldn’t be stuck in a waiting room filled with potential COVID patients.

The paramedics did a stroke assessment, which they deemed negative, but suggested Ron be transported for further evaluation. At that time he was conscious, alert and oriented. They also suggested that I wait at home to avoid close contact with those same potential patients.

While being taken to have a CT scan of his brain, he suffered a massive brain bleed. Half an hour later, he was unconscious, unresponsive and being intubated. There was no chance of “meaningful neurological survival.” Ron’s brain was dying, completely overwhelmed by the pressure of the blood flooding into his skull.

I have lost the love of my life, my soulmate. I am shattered. While nothing would have changed the outcome, there was at least a room in the ER for Ron rather than simply a gurney in a hallway as had been the case the previous weekend. I respect the desire for freedom, for personal choice. But when those who refuse vaccination also refuse basic, proven public health protocols, they risk the lives of others. Please rethink your reasons to refuse vaccination. You may save a life. Maybe even your own. Or the love of someone else’s life.

Gini Armstrong


Mandatory vaccines

I am opposed to the termination of employees that are not vaccinated. Mandatory loss of jobs will cause massive disruption in our workforce, and I question the legal and moral right for the government to mandate it.

My current thought is that vaccinated people have less chance of getting COVID and less severe reaction. It is also clear that they can pass it to other people, and it raises the question of why are they exempt from wearing masks in some cases. Recommendations now state that they do not need to quarantine if they have contact with persons that have tested positive for COVID; how does that make sense if they can pass it on?

I am aware of the stress to our medical workers, hospitals and families from the cases we are now seeing and that the vast majority are unvaccinated. Still, we cannot take away constitutional rights, freedom of choice and loss of employment.

Alan DeBoer (vaccinated by choice)