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Letters, Sept. 7

City betrays community

The city of Ashland has betrayed the community once again by catering to a small but loud minority. Parks and Recreation has converted every tennis court at Litha Park to pickleball despite its obligation to provide recreational opportunities to a diversity of residents.

The pickelballers organized and sent in comments requesting every court at Lithia. Without asking the rest of us what we wanted, Parks and Recreation immediately began “resurfacing” courts — with no indication that all courts would be taken from tennis families.

This may seem like a small thing, but when we have lost theater, restaurants, book and garden clubs, social gatherings and so much more to the pandemic, what tennis families had left was a walk to the Lithia courts to play outside. Yes, we can play at Hunter, but Ashland is currently putting resources into making Ashland a walkable city. One set of courts in one corner of the city defeats that goal at the outset.

Are there more pickelballers than tennis players? Perhaps, but the ratio is not 8:0, as are the courts now at Lithia. Groups cannot be blamed, I suppose, for narrow self-interest. But the city has an obligation to us all. Shame on them.

Joshua Boyd


To the unvaccinated

The medical people we rely upon have the COVID-19 shots that work. The new variant of the same virus is also working, much too well.

If you want a mask, ask for it. If you get one, wear it! Please!

If you refuse to get either a shot or mask, consider this: If you pass the virus on to someone you need and love and they die from your non-action, would you be a murderer? Living the rest of your life as a person who caused the death of another is a burden you must carry for the rest of your life.

Think! All things happen for a reason!

Tom Ehrhart


God’s call for vaccination

To my Christian friends and neighbors who are looking for guidance on COVID vaccinations, look no further than the Old and New Testaments.

Thou shall not kill and love thy neighbor as thyself. The words of God could not be more clear.

Vaccination prevents death and demonstrates your love of the community. Follow his words. Get vaccinated. I know you will.

John Felling