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Letters, Sept. 8

God’s call for vaccination

To my Christian friends and neighbors who are looking for guidance on COVID-19 vaccinations, look no further than the Old and New Testaments.

Thou shall not kill and love thy neighbor as thyself. The words of God could not be more clear.

Vaccination prevents death and demonstrates your love of the community. Follow his words. Get vaccinated. I know you will.

John Felling


Webletters Graphic.jpg

Enough wildfires

Wildfires equal health hazard, depression, canceled events, destroyed property, erosion, timber loss, revenue loss and more. Who can defend the way we are dealing with wildfires?

My answer to any defense presented is that it is a failure, and I can prove it, just step outside. I have heard all the stories, “let it burn” (stupid), “we can not go onto that property” (stupid), “we don’t have the resources” (really stupid, our current approach losses exceed $150 billion a year on the West Coast).

We need change. Get rid of the scores of independent and ineffective departments, jurisdictions and agencies and combine into one federal agency that has power over federal, state and local jurisdictions. Make the agency creation dependent upon the following actions.

Action 1: Hire 40,000 full time people to clean out the forest floor and fight fires (less than $4 billion/year).

Action 2: Station 100 aircraft across the West Coast and when any fire starts have them carpet bomb the fire ($30 billion/year). Action 3: Aggressively fight all fires. These actions will stop a majority of the fires and give us a chance to live again.

Dennis Neeley

Central Point

Be a real patriot

Early September and it already looks like the anti-vaxxers are fast-tracking us toward another wrecked holiday season.

Want to be a real patriot? Grow up and help defend your community against a deadly virus.

LJ Zinkand