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Letters, Sept. 12

It’s time to push back

Hospitals across the country and in our county are in danger of collapse. Cancer and stroke patients are without beds and are being neglected.

Health care professionals are at the breaking point with sadness, fatigue and justifiable anger. Anger is also rising among the vaccinated public as well; 95% of COVID hospitalizations are with people who haven’t been vaccinated. Our county is beginning to look like Texas or Alabama.

This all could have been avoided and now it’s time to push back. The vaccines are free, available and effective so there is no excuse for anyone over 12 not getting a shot unless you have a verifiable physical condition. Yes, you have the freedom to decline vaccination. No you don’t have the freedom to endanger the public’s freedom to stay healthy. If your objection is anything but physical, you are an unwelcome pariah undeserving of care. Stay home and grow up. We are all paying for this tragedy through increased insurance premiums or through the taxes we pay. So, if anyone shows up at a hospital with COVID but isn’t vaccinated, they should be turned away and told “You’re not vaccinated. We don’t have room for you. Go home.”

Donald Stone


Thanks to Coach Hall

In a recent article Sept. 9, Charlie Hall, head football coach for the SOU Raiders, spoke of the situations his team has had to face in the recent year and a half. Being the outstanding teacher he is in addition to being an outstanding coach, he is using the situation in Ashland you would hope a coach would, as a teaching situation.

We often think of football coaches as the hard-nosed dictator with wins being the only measures of success. Coach Hall has high expectations of his players as athletes, but more importantly, as young men going into society.

He wants to use these tough situations to not only develop an ability to deal with adversity, but learn to not use them as an excuse. I thank and congratulate Coach Hall for his ability to not only develop successful athletic teams, but to also develop strong young men.

Jerry Hauck