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Letters, Sept. 10

Defectors vs. cooperators

Upon arriving at a party, “defectors,” thinking the host has provided too little pizza to last the evening, take three slices. While making the same observation, “cooperators” take one slice.

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I am unable to empathize with individuals that “question the legal and moral right for the government to mandate” vaccine and protective mask wearing rules. It is as if those people have never been a part of a civil society. To me they are defectors chastising the cooperators.

I suspect living poor and with little hope heightened my perception of right and wrong. Most people I have known do not understand that I would have never survived without the help of others. I am acutely aware of how I was able to succeed far beyond any of my expectations. I have always been very aware of the distinction between defectors and cooperators in social settings.

For decades I have participated in many successful projects as a cooperator. I don’t want to live in the dystopian world favored by the defectors.

Robert I. Price


Layers of dysfunction

Alan DeBoer’s letter states, “I am opposed to the termination of employees that are not vaccinated.”

The entire debate about being unvaccinated is about personal choice. These employees are choosing to not be vaccinated. Any consequences suffered by the non-vaccinated are solely because of their primary and foremost decision not to be vaccinated.

The outcome of the unvaccinated that are not in the workforce is emphatically by their own choice. Blaming the “government” (many employers requiring vaccination are private companies) is adding a layer of dysfunction. The responsibility to decide about being vaccinated is on each individual, and to blame other entities makes a specious argument.

Facts show that 94% of those in the hospital with COVID-19 are not vaccinated. In Jackson County, we are having an epidemic of the unvaccinated, and have the distinction of being in national news as the worst in the nation.

Instead of lamenting disruption in the workforce, which is again by the choice of the unvaccinated, look at what’s happening to our community. States with high vaccination rates are moving on. Ironically, those unvaccinated in our community are having the opposite effect to the detriment of all.

Kathy Lambie


Financial counseling needed

The city of Medford’s leadership recently authorized $2 million to simply scrape dirt around Wes Howard’s family farm. Next, leadership wants to take another $2 million from American Rescue Funds to cover shortfalls and cost increases for the yet-to-be-built Rogue Community Credit Union Community Complex. aka Aqua Warehouse.

Maybe leaders should have included finance counseling as part of their advertising agreement with RCU. Please take note regarding North Bend’s Community Pool renovation. After reading an article from Strongtown.org, “Poor neighborhoods make the best investments,” I have come to realize the city leadership of Medford has been using the Liberty neighborhood not only as a poster child to promote urban renewal, but as a cash cow for the past 30 years. In my opinion, the city is the biggest slumlord in the Rogue Valley.

Bob Shand