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Letters, Sept. 13

Stop cougar, bear hunting

Recent wildfires have devastated Oregon’s forests and destroyed habitat for countless species, including cougars and black bears. This is especially true in our area. Now, more than ever, we must protect these species from further threats.

Sadly, each year hundreds of cougars and thousands of black bears are killed by trophy hunters. Springtime hunts are particularly cruel and not fair game, as bears have just emerged from their dens after months without eating. Hunters inevitably kill nursing mothers, leaving their cubs vulnerable to starvation, predation and exposure. Likewise, cougar hunts leave kittens to die without their mothers as hunters frequently kill mothers who venture off on their own to find food for her family.

Trophy hunting Oregon’s cougars and black bears is unjust, and we must put an end to it. Email the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission at odfw.commission@odfw.oregon.gov today and tell them not to allow this practice.

S. Mackler


A month of smoke

We just went through a whole month of smoke. A whole month where breathing outside slowly kills us. This is the climate apocalypse. How have we not yet passed federal climate policy?

The state of the world right now seems depressing. Outside is dangerous because of the air, inside is dangerous because of disease. There is hope, though. Right now, our federal representatives are deciding what to include in the budget resolution, and carbon pricing is on the table.

Carbon pricing applies a fee to greenhouse gas emissions. This fee incentivizes polluters to reduce their emissions and gives the revenue back to citizens to offset increased costs due to the fee. It pairs with a carbon border adjustment, which would remove this fee from exports and apply this fee to imports, helping America stay competitive against polluters.

Call Sen. Ron Wyden and ask that he includes a price on carbon in the budget resolution. As the chair of the Senate Finance Committee, Wyden holds significant power in deciding the fate of carbon pricing, and therefore climate policy in America. Please call our senators today and prevent more months of smoke.

Dylan Hinson