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Letters, Sept. 19

Noise ordinance needed

I live in Nauvoo Mobile Home Park, across Bear Creek from Eagle Mill Farm at Exit 19 on I-5. Periodically, loud parties are held at the farm, mostly during harvest season. My neighbors and I have tolerated the noise — until last Saturday, when there was drumming and amplified music that began at

4 p.m. Saturday and lasted until 5:30 Sunday morning. Many residents of Nauvoo were kept awake much of the night. Nauvoo is hidden from view by trees along Bear Creek, so perhaps the party-goers are unaware they are in a populated area.

At 5 a.m., I called the Ashland police, who said they have no jurisdiction outside of Ashland, and that the Jackson County sheriff’s hands are tied because there is no noise ordinance in the county. I was told to petition the Jackson County commissioners for a noise ordinance. Evidentially, there are many complaints from citizens in the county about late-night noise.

I have spoken with the folks at Eagle Mill Farm in the past about their parties, but the residents change frequently and the problems continue. Thus, a county noise ordinance limiting the volume and hours of music and other noise would be most helpful.

Jessica Bryan


Council eyes gas tax, fees

Again, the Merry Pranksters on the Medford City Council are trying to get their hands in the taxpayers’ pockets, in the form of a gas tax and increased construction fees.

Supposedly, we are in need of a multi-million dollar freeway interchange at Interstate 5 and the new South Stage Road. Also, we desperately need to widen North Phoenix Road (in front of the Centennial Golf Club property).

Voters should remember that it was this same council that gave approval to Pacific Retirement Corporation, aka, the Manor, to expand the Centennial property and build luxury homes for rich Californians along the fairways of Centennial. The project also includes extending Golf View Drive to, you guessed it, a new extended South Stage Road.

That leaves us with the question: Who really needs the proposed road projects and who will really benefit? The answer, of course, is PRC. This tax and the proposed project is just another example of the council rubber stamping a project for some corporation.

Please remember this scam in the next election cycle and vote out the incumbents. We need to identify viable candidates, especially in Ward 4, who will look out for the interests of taxpayers, not corporations. #WhoStandsForUs

Ted Krempa