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Musk, Bezos, and Branson are leading the way via their new space-cruising yachts sailing to an exclusive domain that requires considerable wealth to claim, if only briefly: space.

Well-heeled passengers need no other qualifications nor expertise to qualify as crew. They perform no experiments, learn no new science, discover no new horizons of endurance nor logistics.

They have no mission but their own amusement and self-aggrandizement; useless cargo on a “mission” for which a monkey would suffice. They will accomplish nothing, and their survival will depend not on any skills they might possess, but on automatic systems designed by their technological betters. If their capsule’s life support systems were to fail, they, unlike the Apollo 13 crew, could not aid their own salvation.

Their only justification for being in space is to satisfy an urge few others can afford. Nothing they are doing has any future social value worth the risk; they are not so much brave as egomaniacal dilettantes. They mock the serious purpose that has justified the risks of earlier trailblazing missions demanding technical and scientific expertise. Their adventurism signals a future reiterating our species’ profligate past, not a better world. Their importance is only self-importance.

Gary Collins


Texas abortion law

Experienced, knowledgeable, wise: three characteristics that would, generally speaking, be attributed to those who sit on the U.S Supreme court. That ideal may have just gone out the window.

The majority of justices are OK with allowing a Texas law that steps on and crushes the right of a woman to decide for herself, in consultation with a medical provider, what is best for her health. In the country that promotes liberty as an ultimate virtue, women are denied the ability to decide what is best for their own bodies.

Their own bodies! “Me, too movement”! What “Me too, movement”? What “liberty”? The state of Texas deputized all its residents to sue anyone involved with assisting a woman seeking an abortion after six weeks of pregnancy. Passed by a majority male legislature (over 70%), signed into law by a male governor.

What the Supreme Court has done is turn its back on the rule of law and a civilized society. Pretty much they said that the old wild West, everyone-for-themselves days are just fine with them.

We cannot allow it to be fine. We get the government we vote for in a democracy. Get ready to vote!

Manuel De Aquino


Texas Taliban

The Taliban has raised its flag in Texas!

We can have self government or rule by appointed judges and vigilantes, but we cannot have both!

H. Seeman