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Letters, Sept. 27

Focus on yes

Each and every moment we have a choice. Listening, seeing or conditioning ourselves by focusing on the noes or the growing negative experiences in our community, nation or the world. Or to say yes — in short, acknowledge and expect these positive glimpses or insights, and share these with like-minded individuals.

I was raised with a live-in older brother who was my modern problems teacher. He was preoccupied with sharing these pessimistic noes or negative doomsday scenarios of an economic depression plus our imperialistic policies in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. At 18, in hopelessness!

My escape was four years in the Marine Corps. I spent four nights a week in the library programming myself, building a positive yes philosophy by reading and taking notes on the classics of the western world.

College prepared me to teach and coach, practicing this YES for 27 years in Rogue River School District.

Y: Yes — always a good.

E: Expect good.

S: Share!

Jim Hawes


Missing from the plan

What’s missing from the Oregon Legislature’s plan for redrawing the state’s congressional district lines is a distinct Southern Oregon district.

Why not a district based on Jackson, Josephine, Douglas, Klamath, Curry, Coos, and Lake Counties? It’s an area with a lot of shared interests, already recognized by Travel Oregon, well covered by Jefferson Public Radio and the regional medical community.

We are not well served by being split between two or even three districts, depending upon the various plans. For the 20 years I’ve lived in Ashland, our representative has lived a day’s drive away and only made sporadic visits. It’s not the way the founders of our country envisioned the House of Representatives, with members who were in close, regular contact with the people they represent.

Perhaps a nonpartisan commission would have come up with such a district. But for sure, the Legislature hasn’t.

David Runkel