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Letters, Sept. 29

COVID reality check

I’d like to share an experience of the effectiveness of vaccinations. Against good judgment, I, a lung cancer patient, and my 85-year-old husband went to Pendleton on Sept. 3 for the Pendleton Roundup.

We felt secure in our trailer; not so when attending rodeo performances. We wore our N95 masks nearly all the time; there was little mask-wearing compliance by the vast majority of attendees. We were both exposed to COVID by non-mask wearing attendees.

After we returned home on Sept. 20, my husband tested positive for COVID on Sept. 22. Due to my cancer-patient status, I had received a third dose of Pfizer vaccine on Sept. 2 and tested negative for COVID on Sept. 24. Fortunately my husband received an infusion of monoclonal antibodies on Sept. 24 and is now recovering slowly without a hospital stay.

I implore people who haven’t been vaccinated to get their first shot now. The life you save may be yours, but also may be that of your neighbor or family member.

Jackson County needs to unburden our hospitals and staff from COVID patients to allow for non-COVID patients to get care. You can help.

Claudette Paige


Support carbon pricing

I applaud Sens. Ron Wyden and Merkley for their support of carbon pricing. There is widespread agreement among economists and financial experts that a price on carbon is key to unleashing the power of the market to solve the climate problem that it created. A transition to clean energy can’t happen fast enough without carbon pricing. Over 40 countries including Canada have already priced carbon.

I think the preferred approach is adoption of a fee and dividend program, which charges polluters and returns the money to households equally as an energy dividend. Wealthier households have higher carbon footprints so this policy places the financial burden on those contributing the most emissions. Canadians will start receiving their quarterly energy rebates in 2022.

When Rep. Cliff Bentz served in Salem he refused to act on climate legislation because he stated action by Oregon was insufficient to have an effect. Now he has the opportunity to provide leadership at the national level.

I agree that we need a national policy that brings the entire country the benefits of clean energy and a climate resilient future. Join me in asking Rep Bentz to join with our senators in supporting carbon pricing.

Gretchen King