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Letters, Oct. 1

Deaths are from COVID-19

I’m responding to Commissioner Colleen Roberts’ statement from the article, “County commissioners declare emergency over vaccine mandate.”

“They have co-morbidities. They’re not dying of COVID.”

I was shocked to read this. It has been clear for a long time that this is a myth. COVID-19-denialism is harmful to the loved ones of those who died of COVID-19 and an insult to the health care workers who are bending over backwards in local hospitals to prevent people from dying — from COVID-19.

The idea that people are dying “from underlying conditions” is a blame-the-victim mentality and an absurd idea. Did Commissioner Roberts tell people who lost their homes in the Almeda fire that it wasn’t the fire that took the home, but rather due to it having been made from flammable materials?

Take an example: a 41-year old mother of three, healthy other than asthma as a child. She contracted COVID-19 and died in the ICU. Would Commissioner Roberts say that she died of her asthma? Importantly, how does this feel for her family to hear?

Perhaps a visit to an ICU to see what is going on will help clarify this issue for Commissioner Roberts.

Caraway Timmins, RN, MSN


Parents should be notified

I read with interest about the Ashland High School students who are circulating a petition to require the students be vaccinated at the high school. Good luck to them!

Teachers are required to be vaccinated, as are other staff. Why not students?

Recently, I learned that there are AHS students in quarantine and that at least one student has tested positive for COVID-19. Yet, I have not received any notification that my child may have been exposed.

I am not seeking the name(s) of the students who are quarantined or who have COVID-19 — I’m just seeking notice that my child may have been exposed.

To follow up to this discovery, I wrote to AHS Principal Bell, asking what protocols are in place to notify parents that their child has been exposed to someone who is either quarantining or who has COVID-19. No response.

The school must not withhold important information from parents regarding students who may have been exposed to or been diagnosed with COVID-19. Instead, AHS and other schools must be transparent and open with this information.

Parents should be making the decision as to whether it is safe to send their kids to school, not the schools.

Tom Dimitre