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Letters, Oct.6

The government we deserve

“The government you elect is the government you deserve.” — Thomas Jefferson

Apparently we deserve Colleen Roberts, Rick Dyer, Dave Dotterrer and Danny Jordan, whom collectively we the people of Jackson County pay north of $800,000 annually including full benefits and of course Jordan’s mortgage, who we never elected.

Robert Key


Celebrate N. Mountain Park

For years I have reveled in the beauty of North Mountain Park with its diverse natural settings including Bear Creek, paths that meander through woods and meadows, playgrounds, sports fields, gardens and the covered pavilion area.

I have watched countless children play in the large sandbox area next to folks reading, eating and enjoying the nearby bird feeders, cattail-filled pond and gardens often tended by dedicated volunteers.

This last week I assisted in a science-based educational program with high school students. It is one of the many classes over the years that the park has hosted to benefit children and adults of all ages. There have been programs that help citizens live more sustainably in this time of climate change and outreach to neighboring communities of varying cultures and color.

The diversity of habitats in this park benefits our all year-round birds and the migratory birds that breed in this park in the spring. Sadly, funding has been severely cut during this time when parks and community programs are most needed. Please join me in making a donation specifically to North Mountain Park and visit this Ashland jewel.

Shannon Rio


Stop the madness

Rarely do I write a letter to the editor. However, I feel compelled to do so after reading Commissioner Colleen Roberts’ statements from the article, “County commissioners declare emergency over vaccine mandate.” I echo Caraway Timmins’ comments in her well-written Oct. 1 letter to the editor.

How many more of us agree with Timmins but aren’t taking the time to be heard? We’ve got to stop this madness!

S. O’Neal