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Letters, Oct. 7

Accountability for Cliff Bentz

It’s appalling to know that Congressman Cliff Bentz has seen these invasive abortion restrictions popping up across the country — including 11 bills that were introduced this year in Oregon alone — and still he does not support the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA).

The vast majority of Americans believe abortion should be legal — and our laws should reflect the will of the people. We cannot allow Texas’s radical abortion ban to lead the way for other states to enact similar bans. WHPA would help protect the right to an abortion nationally and guard against state-based abortion bans and medically unnecessary restrictions.

Here in Oregon, abortion rights are protected in state statute thanks to 2017’s Reproductive Health Equity Act. But if the Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, Idaho is poised to immediately ban abortion — and one study shows that rural Oregonians would see up to a 35% decrease in abortion access.

Too many people are living in fear that their right to continue to make decisions about their bodies will be no longer. Congress must pass this critical legislation immediately.

Victoria Wood


We all have co-morbities

“They have co-morbidities. They’re not dying of COVID.”

These are the words of Jackson County Commissioner Colleen Roberts during an online meeting last week. Elected officials and county staff were discussing the local surge in COVID-19-related deaths, including eight reported that Monday.

Did Roberts mean to say that these deaths should not be counted as pandemic casualties because the victims had other health issues? Do those among us who are overweight or have a history of smoking not deserve protection from a deadly virus?

How would Roberts feel if I happen to win the breakthrough infection lottery? I have a heart condition that requires a pacemaker. I enjoy living and hope to continue doing so. But it seems r Roberts is saying that I should give up that ambition.

Age also appears to be a pre-existing condition. I have that, too.

Concern for the well-being (and survival) of others, including constituents, is a minimum standard for public office. On that basis, Roberts is clearly unqualified to serve Jackson County. If she feels any remorse, she should resign in shame. If not, we should recall her.

Diarmuid McGuire