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Letters, Oct. 8

Lead by example

From an article in the Mail Tribune, it appears that our county officials, instead of saving lives by supporting and encouraging vaccination and mask guidelines, have decided to endanger lives by asking to be exempt from the guidelines.

Leaders lead by example. Is this a good example?

Bruce Kelling


Fire hazard unaddressed

I live on Fox Street, which joins North Main on the downhill slope to U.S. 99. Incidentally, it is the only access for Ashland Mine Road and the two named streets to the main highway.

While walking, my partner and I discovered a cache between the forks of several trees consisting of two cans of lighter fluid, one bag of wood chips, scraps of newspapers plus twigs and branches, and stones around the base of the tree like it was a fire pit. This was across from a clearing on the other side of the road filled with dead branches.

I did my neighborly duty and cleared the fire pit tree, informed several neighbors, called the fire department (no return call) and the police. On the clearing side of the road we noticed that there were several large piles of brush and tree branches where the power company has cleared for their lines.

It has been months and no one has done anything about it. This is a fire hazard and an open invitation to an arsonist.

I don’t believe any action will come from this letter. I suspect all talk about fire prevention is just talk!

Louis Stern