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Letters,Oct. 10

Charity, consideration lacking

I was very pleased to see Dr. Benson Hsu of Divide County, North Dakota, amplify my “Defectors vs. cooperators” letter to the editor printed Sept. 10.

One of the best aspects of living in the Midwest was to witness the local population responding to adversities. Observing blatant acts of charity and consideration goes a long way toward restoring one’s faith in the decency of our fellow humans.

It is too bad such behavior is so very lacking in the teeming crowd of anti-maskers and anti-vaxers that have infested the Bear Creek Valley and other locales. Science, is it so very hard to understand? What drives some to blatantly disregard the well-being of others? When so little can do so much, how can these people live with themselves?

Recently, for personal reasons, I needed to be in “out-state” Nebraska for several weeks. The most incredible part of that stay was getting to meet new “old friends for life.” Too bad that level of comfort doesn’t exist here.

We will never recover until we deal honestly with our economy as well as with COVID. We need to address the “taxes fund spending” lie.

Robert I. Price


Taxes and fees hot

Taxes and fees hot. Taxes and fees cold. Taxes and fees in the pot. This muck is getting old.

With regard to the $725,000 over five years Lithia Driveway will be spending for naming/advertising rights for the ballpark(s), 250,000 of the money won’t be money but “in-kind” support. For Lithia it is surprisingly inexpensive to rent freeway signage (see ODOT advertising signs).

Also read the sweetheart contract on the city’s web page under agenda items for council meeting Oct. 7. Previously, Medford leadership approved a $750,000 grant to be given to Lithia Corp. (from Urban Renewal funds) to build parking for cars. Thus money in the pot from taxpayers will keep the Medford-Opoly-Go-Round spinning. Though Lithia may have a dandy tax write-off in the process.

Question: Why do residents continue to pay for the ballfields exclusive cadre of groundskeepers as part of the monthly utility fee ? City leadership and the other entities involved may now stand up, form a circle, turn to the left and pat each other on the back while simultaneously reaching into the taxpayers’ pockets.

Bob Shand