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Letters, Oct.17

The rest of the story

Does omission equal disingenuousness?

In a column Oct. 10, Gene Lyons seems to absolve President Biden of any culpability surrounding the chaos of the Afghanistan withdrawal — drawing on two quotes from the now famous ABC interview of Biden on Aug. 19.

George Stephanopoulos: “… your military advisers did not tell you ‘no we should just keep 2500 troops’?”

Biden: “No, no one said that that to me that I can recall.”

Second quote, Biden: “The idea that somehow there’s a way … without chaos ensuing, I don’t know how that happens.”

Unlike Paul Harvey, Lyons omits the rest of the story:

On July 8, at 2:09 EDT from the East Room, Biden assures us with the following:

“The drawdown is proceeding in a secure and orderly way …”

And: “There is going to be no circumstances where you see people being lifted off of the roof of an embassy …”

The rest of the story!

And many have amnesia when it comes to that famous quote of Robert Gates, Obama’s secretary of defense: “Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security over the last 40 years.”

William Carpenter


Tone-deaf administrators

Tone-deaf college administrators may well be an oxymoron. But SOU isn’t Harvard or Stanford. We read the first candidate for SOU president was coming here last week.

He met with a hand-picked bunch of administrators, a hand-picked bunch of students, a hand-picked bunch of faculty and staff, and so on. No hand-picked bunch of taxpayers for this state-supported institution? Well, no.

Then he met, secretly of course, with the SOU board at Hannon Library and then at Ashland Springs Hotel, followed by dinner with the board. Do you think they dined at Ashland Springs Hotel’s spendy Larks restaurant on our dime? Where do you suppose he stayed?

Then we get four more candidates. Rinse and repeat. Maybe Larks can alter their menu so the board doesn’t get bored.

When our last president came, I calculated she cost $75 a year for each student at the university. Just her. Note she stayed five years, so she’s vested in PERS and will collect a nice Oregon check, for life, on top of that.

Any bets we’ll be laying off janitors at SOU soon due to declining enrollment? Not administrators? Dream on, fool.

Allen Baker