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Letters, Oct. 20

Anti-vax health care workers

It’s quite disturbing to see so many health care workers opposing COVID vaccination, as this reveals a deep lack of education in their field.

Maybe it’s better they find other employment; I wouldn’t want to be treated by someone who has so little knowledge about accepted medical practice.

Dan Fellman


Please, nurses, get vaccinated

I am sad that the nurse interviewed for your “Nurse explains” item has chosen to go unvaccinated.

I am not worried that, while performing duties as an ER nurse, she might infect her patients. I am certain that her use of personal protective equipment in the course of treating patients has kept both her and them from infecting one another.

I worry about what happens after she leaves work and puts away the PPE. Here is the scariest scenario:

I am afraid she will go to church or another place where people share her beliefs, and that someone there is an asymptomatic carrier of the virus, and that she will get close enough to that person to become infected herself, and that her infection will also be asymptomatic. And then, she will infect others without knowing that she is doing so, until she goes back to work and dons her protective equipment again.

The people she infects will quite possibly show up in her emergency room, and die under her watch. And it all could have been prevented had she been vaccinated.

Please, nurses, for the sake of people you encounter outside the hospital, get vaccinated.

Don Rowlett


Vote yes on Measure 15-201

Please join me in voting yes for Measure 15-201 on the Nov. 2 election ballot to make the Jackson County Assessor an appointed rather than elected position.

The current assessor, David Arrasmith, has made several huge errors caused by his lack of oversight of his department, which brought the problem of having an elected assessor to the forefront, and change is needed.

In general elections with many higher offices on the ballot, voters often pay little attention to the race for county assessor. It’s a technical and managerial position and candidates for such positions need to be thoroughly vetted by professionals not selected by voters on the basis of a well-financed campaign.

The county administrator should have the power to hire and fire the county assessor just as he does for other department heads, such as the director of Roads or Parks or Human Resources. Ballots are coming. Vote!

Allen Hallmark