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Letters, Oct. 24

Article didn’t capture spirit

I attended the Oct. 18 gathering in Ashland that your publication reported on, with the headline, “Vaccine mandate deadline draws Ashland protesters.” The article did not accurately capture the emphasis and spirit of the event.

We were there to stand for medical freedom, body autonomy and choice. We were there to highlight that mandates and forced medical interventions fly in the face of our constitutionally-based rights and basic freedoms.

We were there to say that linking career, jobs and general access to taking experimental medical interventions is an act of tyranny. If we don’t have a choice about what we put in our bodies, we cease to be a democracy.

Tod Vogel


Commissioners on wrong side

Kudos to the Mail Tribune for pointing out that Jackson County commissioners are on the wrong side of the campaign to combat COVID-19. Congratulations to Gov.Kate Brown for sane, pro-science policies.

We want commissioners who live in the real world, who accept science and who promote policies that have the greatest chance of saving lives in the county. Currently, we do not have that.

Medical science is as clear as it can be: The best ways to save lives are to get vaccinated and wear a mask when in public. To dispute this is to reject science and reject reality. If you reject reality, you should be mandated.

Those choosing a career in health care should be committed to patient well-being (Hippocratic oath?). This means being vaccinated. If you don’t wish to get vaccinated, please leave the profession.

The same is true for anyone electing a career in education. If you don’t get vaccinated, you are risking the lives of our children; please leave the profession.

We should not enter a hospital or send children to a school where employees are not vaccinated. Follow the science!

Alan Journet