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Letters, Oct. 25

Vote no on ballot measure

Spend a great deal to get folks to vote to make the county assessor’s office an appointed one forever filled in future by county commissioners’ cronies? I think not!

Arrasmith may have erred, but giving more power to this crop of commissioners is not the solution. Remember, they appointed him in the first place in 2016, which helped insure his election. Replace the commissioners instead.

Cara Jacobson


No settled science yet

For Dr. Mlotok to accuse an emergency room nurse of having “deficient professional ethics and compassion” because she is unvaccinated and could therefore spread the disease is really unfair, as it’s well documented that even fully vaccinated people can and do catch, spread, and even die from COVID.

The mantra is “follow the science,” but when questioned about his many changing recommendations Dr. Fauci has explained it’s because the science is evolving. Yes, it’s evolving and there is no settled science yet, so right now the experts are just making their best educated guesses. We might not know for years what the long term effects of getting this new gene therapy vaccine will be.

I’m fully vaccinated, but it was a hard decision to make as I’ve always declined new drugs because it can take a long time for side effects to show up. Like it or not, I and everyone else who has taken this vaccine are part of the biggest human experiment in history. I hope it turns out well, but it might not, and then all those who declined the vaccine will look pretty smart and the rest of us might be growing tails.

Jonelle McCandles