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Letters, Oct. 26

Seniors and tax hikes

While we don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, the government increase of 5.9% for Social Security, especially if one partner has died, is just too little.

For instance, in just the past year, clothes increased by at least 5%, meat over 9% (some doubling), eggs about 10%, some groceries and cleaning products almost doubled, gasoline up over 40% since January.

In Medford, they’ve approved redoing water piping, etc. at two years of 6% hikes, four years of 5% hikes then 2% per year until 2039, then a 5% hike. Eighteen years of guarantee hikes for just that alone!

How on earth is 5.9% supposed to help?

Please help us seniors!

Sandra Davey


Yes on Measure 15-201

Twenty-two years ago, the League of Women Voters figured out the assessor should be an appointed position.

The assessor no longer makes policy. The position needs technical, public budgeting and management expertise. None of those characteristics are easily assessed by voters.

Our current assessor made three large mistakes that we know of. The mistake related to the Central Point Urban Renewal District was caught by Central Point. The one related to fire victims, by the county staff. They paid attention.

What mistakes go undiscovered in other taxing jurisdictions? Are all of them capable of monitoring the assessor? Voters can only go through an expensive and onerous recall process to fire the assessor. We need the position to be what it should be — a department head hired, evaluated, audited, reviewed and held accountable by the professional county administrator. Vote yes on 15-201 before we find the rest of his mistakes.

Joyce Puccini Chapman

Shady Cove