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Letters, Oct. 27

A mistaken vote

I want to publicly admit a mistake I made on voting for the 2021-23 Ashland city budget. At the April Budget Committee meeting, I supported the budget proposed by City Manager Pro Temp Adam Hanks and Finance Director Melanie Purcell after the adoption of an amendment offered by Councilor Stephanie Seffinger to cut $1 million in city spending or increase revenues to address the budget deficit.

I had reservations about major funding shifts but felt these could be addressed later by the council.

Now it turns out Parks and Recreation was shortchanged $562,000. I never would have favored that if it had been presented at the time.

I understand other miscalculations, perhaps major ones, will be addressed later by Interim City Manager Gary Milliman and interim Finance Director Allison Chan. Both of these people have extensive experience in Oregon budget law and municipal finance that Ashland is benefitting from. Mayor Akins found the right people at the right time.

She and Councilors Moran and DuQuenne smartly voted against the budget last spring. I wish I had. It’s my hope that Chan and Milliman can straighten out our budget and get Ashland back on the right track.

David Runkel, Citizens Budget Committee member



We are required to stop for a red light when driving.

No choice! No freedom! It’s a mandate!

It’s not violating our constitutional rights! Get over it.

Jerry Kenefick