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Letters, Oct. 28


I might be ready to reconsider the renaming of the John Muir school but only after the Jackson County commissioners propose renaming the county. Andrew Jackson was no friend of the Native Americans and far more destructive to them than Muir ever was.

In studying Muir, the youth at his namesake school should ponder what a person might become after such a rotten childhood.

Dan Mackay


Whose rights and freedom?

I’ve read many letters voicing both sides of the vaccine mandate debate. All claim their rights are being ignored by the other side.

Some iron workers in Maine, local health care workers, teachers and others believe they are being forced to get vaccinated or lose their jobs. They say it should be “freedom of choice.”

Vaccine supporters believe they are being infected by anti-vaxxers, and are unwittingly carrying the virus home to young and vulnerable family members.

Both perspectives have validity, but both can’t win. It’s mandate or no mandate. Everybody gets the shot, or only people who are convinced of its safety and efficacy get it.

Mandate: We all get vaccinated and nearly eradicate the virus, and we all get back to normal.

No mandate: Most get vaccinated, slowly, but many don’t, so more get sick and more succumb to COVID. It goes on and on — maybe another two or three years, until so many have died that the rest are finally convinced.

That’s how I see it. “Freedom of choice” is the freedom to risk death and to put many others at risk of dying as well. Is your right to choose greater than my right to life?

Patt Colwell