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Letters, Nov. 9

Columbus congestion

Why would the city of Medford change Columbus Avenue from two lanes on each side to one? I’m guessing to slow traffic down and make it a bit safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

What they didn’t expect to see (or perhaps they did), was a long line of idling, smog-spewing vehicles that just created more emissions contributing to a more polluted valley. That’s really too bad.

First, it began with Jackson Street between Crater Lake Avenue and Biddle Road some years back, and now Columbus.

An additional oversight they hadn’t considered was that south Medford is expanding with hundreds of new homes on Kings Highway as well as on Thomas Road off Stewart Avenue. Logic tells you,there will be increased traffic, and we’ll find the road will only get more congested and backed up to McAndrews during heavy use times.

What a shame; our city planners have chosen to not only make traveling within our city more burdensome but also more polluted. I’d think it would be a goal of any city to work with traffic patterns to ease congestion and pollution, not the opposite. Hope someone comes to their senses soon.

L. Gallo


Thanking our vets

Four generations of my family have served as pilots in World War II, Korea, Vietnam and Afghanistan.

There are two words most appreciated by our veterans and rarely heard. While “thank you for your service” is worthy, every generation of our military longs to hear, “welcome home.” Countless veterans respond with heartfelt gratitude and pride, often telling me it’s the first time anyone has welcomed them home.

Marylata Elton