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Letters, Nov. 16

Wastewater and Bear Creek

Thank you for your thoughtful article about Bear Creek and the possibility of conveying wastewater from Ashland to Medford. Lowering the already low water flow into the creek would affect more than just humans and fish.

We are fortunate that our property backs up to Bear Creek at the north edge of Ashland and we are witness to the rich wildlife that takes its sustenance from the flowing water: deer, bears, beavers, blue herons and more. Just last week we watched in silent awe as five sleek, brown river otters devoured a salmon. They worked in perfect harmony, dividing the fish into separate pieces.

Thus, we applaud the Ashland City Council for their careful consideration and decisions regarding water issues in our area. We also appreciate the environmental stakeholders who testified against the proposal.

Jessica Bryan and Tom Clunie


Our veterans

Years ago, I read this brief note on a car’s bumper sticker: “If you love your freedom, thank a vet.” So, this Veterans Day I felt prompted to do something in writing that I’d often done verbally.

I emailed the following message to several persons who I knew for a fact were American veterans:

“Happy Veterans Day. Thank you so much for your valiant military service without which we might not still be here today.”

All who received that email quickly responded with joyful expressions of appreciation for my gratitude.

For decades I’ve I truly believed we don’t thank them enough. It takes so little effort on our part; to acknowledge what took them so many years of their lives. Yes, we do love our freedom. Thank you, vets.

Florence C. Blake

Sams Valley

Discarding a deuce

At a recent Medford City Council meeting, Councilor Michael Zarosinski was the lone no vote for a multimillion-dollar package that would purchase steel for the new pool. So far this has exceeded $60 million with no end in sight as to where the final costs will top out.

The single no vote is like discarding a deuce while holding four aces. The entire process of hornswoggling Medford’s citizens by the city’s leadership is akin to a cheap card trick perpetrated by those whose interests lie far from that which would benefit Medford’s citizens. I as well as many others still ain’t hoppin’ aboard the slow-motion crazy train wreck that is the “aqua warehouse.” November 2022 is on the horizon.

Bob Shand