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Letters, Nov. 17

Mail non-service

We live in an area that for the past 25 years has had great mail service. Suddenly mail is delivered after 7:30 p.m. instead of 11 a.m.-2 p.m. On Wednesday, No. 10, after the nighttime mail delivery, the mailbox serving 15 families was totally destroyed by persons unknown. We informed the police and got a case number. As the discovery was made on Nov. 11, a holiday, the Post Office was not open.

On Friday, Nov. 12, we received an email from Amazon stating inability to deliver a package to the mailbox. Why the mail deliverer couldn’t walk to the front door, 20 feet from the mailbox, and leave the package is beyond comprehension. Our previous carriers had no problem doing this.

Picked up the package at the main location of Ehrman Street and they are aware of the vandalized P.O. box but had nothing to say as to when it would be repaired. They have not notified any of the 15 residents relying on that mailbox as to how they are to pick up their mail or where. No one cared about our problem.

Tell me why rates go up and service deteriorates?

P. Moran


Infrastructure bill

Seems to me the people in our U.S. Congress deserve a high five. The bipartisan infrastructure bill is a big win.

A significant number of Republicans joined most Democrats in passing something that benefits all of us by funding work for things like roads, bridges, better broadband access and water infrastructure. The bill was supported by folks from the Chamber of Commerce to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I’m happy for my friends and family who live all over this big, beautiful country and especially for my adult kids. People working in their 20s, 30s and 40s face things that I as a child born in the 1960s did not. I’m talking about high housing, insurance and education costs. Plus, essential services and tools like child care and computers/smartphones are very expensive.

The last time in our country when people without a college education could get a job that supported a car, housing, family and insurance was the 1980s. Times have really changed.

This infrastructure bill should help this situation by creating jobs that pay a living wage. So thanks to those who voted for this bill. I hope more economically helpful legislation emerges from this Congress.

Y. Provosty