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Letters, Nov. 21

An attitude of gratitude

’Tis the season of thankfulness. It touches everyone around us.

It holds only a consciousness of embracing the moment; a glimpse of a leaf spiraling through the air. An acorn nestled in the earth to sleep for the winter. It is free of want or have. It is simply thankful for breathing.

A sense of peace can raise your spirit to be inspired. Ahh, the desire to inspire.

No one can take away gratitude. It isn’t bought or sold. What a precious gift to give.

Patricia Grissom


Where are you, Rep. Bentz?

On Dec. 2, 2010, the U.S. House of Representatives censured Rep. Charles Rangel, D-NY, for numerous ethics violations, and 170 Democrats from his own political party joined 163 Republicans in voting overwhelmingly for censure. The ethics violations involved personal financial malfeasance that caused no threat of violence toward anyone, but violated the rules of conduct of the House.

On Nov. 17, 2021, Rep. Paul Gosar R-Ariz., was censured for posting an animated video depicting his killing of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and physically attacking the president. Rep. Gosar removed the anime post from social media, and re-posted it following the censure vote — an exceptionally dangerous and irresponsible action. Only two Republicans voted for censure, and our Rep. Cliff Bentz was not one of them.

In this age of political extremism and increasing threats of violence toward elected officials, it is beyond comprehension why Bentz lacked the political courage and personal integrity to vote to censure such threatening and dangerous conduct by a fellow member of the House of Representatives. As a constituent of the 2nd District, I expect more of my elected representative regardless of his political party affiliation. “Have you no decency, sir? Have you no decency?”

Jaak Juhkentaal


Wake up to cow treatment

When will the dairy industry be open about their treatment of baby boy cows?

The cute little heifers pictured in Sunday’s paper (Nov. 14) are no doubt girls, because, of course, they will grow up and give milk. Only a handful of boys are necessary to keep the gals pregnant and producing.

The dairy industry has a lot to answer for in animal cruelty and environmental destructions and water usage. There are so many delicious plant-based dairy items now in markets. Wake up folks!

Janie Tibbals