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Letters, Dec. 2

Holiday prayer for pets

It’s freezing outside, in case you haven’t noticed. Our pets wait anxiously everyday for us to come home so they can love us. Now, it’s our turn.

Make room in your home to bring your pets inside out of the cold. If you won’t do that (why not?) make sure they have shelter from the cold and fresh, unfrozen water.

Don’t be so busy with the hectic season that you leave your very most loyal friends outside shivering. Open your hearts, show compassion, just the way your pets do everyday.

I’m going to pray you will hear my message. They love you so much, so if you say you love your pets, walk the walk, don’t just talk the talk.

God love us all. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Leslee Freeman


Highway 238 danger

Highway 238 between Jacksonville and Provolt has become an all-out war zone over the past few years, obviously another offshoot of the pot/hemp world. There are daily accidents, three on Nov. 30, and young speeders are consistently riding your tail!

After 45 years in the Rogue Valley, we have come to witness accidents and folks passing in extremely dangerous spots as the norm. One cannot drive that stretch at any time without some hyper jackass trying to pass you, often on a blind curve, and crossing double yellow lines, when you’re driving the speed limit!

Oregon State Police and Jackson County sheriffs’s deputies must do more. It is absolutely nuts!

Paul Safady


Please use common sense

We just had a huge pot bust in White City with millions of dollars of marijuana confiscated.

What are the authorities going to do with the product? Burn it? That makes no sense to me. Have the OLCC test it as they do any other dope for sale and put it on the market.

We can use the proceeds to build the new jail that we need so badly and no one will vote for because of the monetary hit in property taxes. It could also be used to supplement further police work needed to apprehend future illegal grows.

R. Brent