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Letters, Dec. 5

Vaccinate the world

I am 67 years old, and it seems like it is time for me to get a COVID-19 booster shot. But I can’t help being condemned by news from the rest of the world about availability of vaccines.

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 27

Here in Southern Oregon, most of us are vaccinated, but in Africa only 2% of the population is vaccinated. I have family living there, and travel for them is very difficult.

Even more than this, here in Jackson County, I can go into any local pharmacy and be vaccinated in a day. Vaccines frequently go to waste. This is not the case anywhere else in the world. Pick any country and check the availability of vaccines there.

Why do we make such a fuss: “Every American should be vaccinated!” Why is there no newspaper headline saying: “Every person everywhere should be vaccinated”? Perhaps our brothers and sisters in Asia, Africa or South America would be more willing to take the shot if it were even available.

The United States of America has the resources to offer this life-saving medicine to everyone. Why are we not doing it?

Judy Beyer


Go electric this Christmas

Having trouble finding that ideal present for your friends this year? Would you like to give to our planet as well? Give electric!

A new electric car or solar panels may be beyond your budget. Consider giving an electric lawn mower, leaf blower, hedge trimmer, or weed whacker to a homeowner friend.

Electric tools have improved considerably over time. They are much quieter and lighter than gas powered tools which burn fossil fuel, releasing carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas contributing to global warming. Two-cycle engines are especially high emitters. Electric tools start easily and there is no need to buy, transport and store messy gasoline safely. (Note: these suggestions may not be appropriate for most professional landscapers as they typically rely on gas tools all day long).

A gift for our planet? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, gas-powered mowers contribute about 5% of the air pollution in the United States. The EPA also notes, a new gas-powered lawn mower produces as many volatile organic compounds and nitrogen oxide emissions in one hour of operation as 11 new cars each being driven for one hour.

You could also treat yourself!

Eric Dittmer


Masks vs. faces

When I go shopping, I wear a mask. That is not for my protection, or for those I meet. It is to protect the store management from enforcers.

I hear the same thing from others.

I seldom see anyone wearing a mask compliant with instructions. Most people breathe around the mask, partly or wholly. Many do not believe masks are effective.

When I see a person in a store without a mask, a real communicating face, it is a ray of sunshine.

Ira Edwards