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Letters, Dec. 19

Urban sprawl

Everywhere I look in the Medford area there is new urban sprawl. It is demoralizing to see all of the natural areas being bulldozed over to make way for new buildings.

The parcels west of REI and Starbucks are areas where our local waterfowl brood their young. But the city planners do not care about our local wildlife! Instead of plowing over these natural spaces, why not re-build in the middle of town? Urban renewal instead of Urban sprawl.

Why not designate space for our waterfowl and other small animals that dwell there? Are we so greedy that we can’t afford to share our city with them?

Terri Rose

Central Point

Unvaccinated health workers

Thank you for the article alerting us to Providence Hospital’s cavalier attitude toward unvaccinated hospital workers (Mail Tribune, Dec.9). Their spokesperson said they all use personal protective equipment, but that’s no substitute for hygiene. Getting vaccinated against a raging pandemic is just basic preventive medicine.

There are very few legitimate medical or religious reasons for refusing vaccination. Most people are doing it for political reasons. The proliferation of disinformation, much of it by a major political party, has encouraged hordes of people to go unvaccinated, prolonging the pandemic and causing countless thousands of preventable deaths. The unvaccinated claim that it’s about personal autonomy, but in fact it’s a public safety issue: they’re a danger to themselves and others.

For a nurse to tell a patient, “We don’t have to do what Comrade Kate tells us to do,” displays an appalling lack of professionalism and disregard for medical science. Those who heed charlatans and political hacks rather than evidence-based medicine aren’t practitioners, they’re quacks. On the other hand, it must be comforting for anti-vaxxers to know that should their contempt for science land them in the hospital, there’s one that can provide them with like-minded caregivers.

Michael Steely