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Letters, Dec. 15

End Oregon’s dirty investments

Sen. Jeff Golden and the Environmental caucus have announced that they will introduce legislation requiring the state of Oregon to disclose its investments in big polluters. This is a great step forward for Oregon, ending support of industries that threaten our climate. With $130 billion in its portfolio, the State Treasury is Oregon’s largest investor. The Oregon Legislature has already decided that we would stop using polluting electricity, so why would we invest in it? The treasury’s investments contradict our state policy.

Fossil fuel companies have worsened the climate crisis that plagues Southern Oregon with fires and smoke. Instead, let’s invest in the products Southern Oregon produces.

We don’t have coal, but we do have True South Solar, Unbound Solar, Purelight Power, Biomass One, RHT Energy, S+B James Construction, Piccadilly Cycles and Ashland Electric Bikes. These local green business would thrive once investment in big pollution stops.

I applaud Sen. Golden for leading the effort to end state investment in fossil fuels. I encourage my fellow Oregonians to call or email their local representatives and ask that they support the Environmental Caucus in passing this legislation during the 2022 legislative cycle.

Dylan Hinson


Right to opt out

Your story about unvaccinated caregivers at Providence Medford Medical Center was astounding. Perhaps we should no longer feel shocked that many in our community don’t seem to care about the welfare of their fellow humans.

We agree with “Martin;” we have the right to opt out of being cared for by an unvaccinated person. While supposedly it is a right not to comply, our right to comply trumps non-believers’ rights because we actually want to be rid of this COVID curse.

Without temporary compliance, chances of achieving sufficient immunity and freeing our community from COVID-19-related mandates, lessens.

Just as we do our best to obey the laws of the land concerning other things for the good of our community, we follow mask and social-distancing mandated rules for the protection of others as well as ourselves.

And, guess what, we stepped up for our vaccines! You’re welcome.

The irony of those crying that they don’t like being told what to do is they are the first in line when they need the hospital room and medical attention to fight their COVID-19 infection in their fight for their lives.

Jan S. Martin and Thomas M. Withenbury