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Letters, Dec. 16

Mother’s wish

Here is my wish as a mother. These are my thoughts, which probably won’t be read. Perhaps these are wasted words, but I feel compelled to express them anyway.

It was in honor of my sons who are serving in the military protecting your freedoms that I’ve done my part in getting a vaccine, in spite of my anxieties.

I also see it as my duty as a responsible action to protect others for whom I care. My boys are both in the medical field serving your choice not to vaccinate. I’m outrageously angry as a mother that unvaccinated people are threatening my sons and their children, not to mention everyone else. Shame on you.

If you choose to remain unvaccinated and contract COVID-19, please heal at home and leave the hospital beds open to those who have taken the appropriate action to get vaccinated. Perhaps Providence is your other choice since, apparently, some of their staff members choose to be unvaccinated. Seems like the perfect fit.

The Rev. Krista J. Thompson


Touchdowns or torched down

I’ve read that nationally, men and women who fight wildfires are paid as little as $17,500 and can earn up to $155,000 annually as they risk their lives saving our forests, homes and our lives.

Oregon State’s football coach Jonathon Smith recently signed a contact paying him an annual salary of $3.76 million not including bonuses over 6 years. I am as big a fan of both college and professional sports, but these figures do not compute.

When wildfires threaten the Rogue Valley again, I hope to see first responders with a game plan worth paying for.

T. Alan Gielow

Shady Cove