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Letters, Dec. 22

Concert was a joy

What a joy to be in the audience for the Southern Oregon Repertory Singers winter concert!

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We are fortunate to have such a high level of musical talent and performance in the Rogue Valley. Kudos to Director Paul French for his excellent choir.

John Maas

Eagle Point

Bentz’s newsletter

As a constituent, I received a newsletter from Rep. Cliff Bentz.

In it he complains about the expense of the Build Back Better agenda, citing expenditures that he considers frivolous or unnecessary — at a time when inflation approaches 7%. Yet he proudly touts his support of military authorization legislation without looking for bloat and waste in it. And the BBB looks at $1.75 trillion over 10 years — but the National Defense Authorization Act aims to spend over $7 billion in a single year, making it many times more expensive than BBB.

Communication with constituents should not simply be tilted to party talking points rather than informing in a balanced or nuanced way. If Bentz is concerned by massive government spending amid a time of inflation, he might examine in more detail where a conspicuous bulk of spending is and has been for decades.

Jack Seybold


Grateful to both hospitals

It is unfortunate you felt the need to run an article criticizing a highly respected nonprofit company based on the opinions of two unnamed individuals.

Providence Hospital is completely in compliance with both federal and state mandates regarding the protocols of COVID-19, just as Asante is. Both institutions have lost employees and customers (patients), due to their COVID policies. We are blessed in Medford to have two outstanding hospitals for patients and employees to choose from.

Unfortunately, our family has a great deal of experience with both hospitals due to a rare medical condition, so we know them both very well. I cannot say that everything has always gone smoothly, but, we have never been concerned for the safety or health of our family during our visits. Both hospitals have followed all of the protocols, and treated us with the upmost dignity and respect, and we are beyond grateful to all of the staff for their compassion and attentive care. Thank you to all of the employees at Providence and Asante for everything you do on a daily basis to support those that need care!

Bryan Hadley