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Letters, Jan. 5

Schmeck disrespectful

I find it extremely disturbing that a former police officer from the Medford Police Department would be so despicable and disrespectful of the office of the president of the United States as Jared Schmeck was when speaking to the president on Christmas Eve. And the fact that it happened on a website targeted to children is disgusting.

It reflects why we need to be constantly vigilant to hire men and women of a higher quality and professionalism to represent our city. He dishonored his former fellow workers, the Medford Police Department and the cities of Medford and Central Point. In fact the whole of Oregon state.

S. Smith


Roberts continues to dismay

Colleen Roberts’ statement that the public should pay for their own COVID-19 vaccinations stunned and angered me.

Jackson County continues to lag in vaccination rates and is much higher in positivity rates and deaths than other areas of our state. Providing access to the vaccines is exactly what good government should do.

We will never emerge from this pandemic without everyone doing their part and consistent messaging and strong modeling from our elected officials.

Susanne Powell


Hospitals are excellent

When a family member is in need of emergency care, Medford is fortunate to have two excellent hospitals, great doctors and caring nurses.

Recently my husband was rushed to Asante emergency room and needed to be hospitalized until he could get into hospice. At the time the hospitals were overcrowded with COVID patients, rooms were scarce, health care workers exhausted,. It was a stressful time. When we needed help the most, it was given freely and with compassion.

Thank you health care workers, you are appreciated.

A special thanks to my husband’s buddy for his prayers.

Eileen Bartlett