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Letters, Jan. 20

MLK Day not observed?

We moved to Southern Oregon a few years ago and noted the folks here were quite enthusiastic about displaying their American flags. Having a large collection myself I thought I would fit right in.

Webletters Graphic.jpg

Central Point dutifully put up the flags all around town last year on all observed holidays except one — Martin Luther King Day. My wife called the Central Point Police Department last year to inquire why this wasn’t done and received two different explanations.

One was that they had forgotten, and the other was that apparently they hadn’t had enough police cadets to put up the flags. (Flags were displayed on the previous and subsequent holidays.) She was assured the flags would go back up the next year on MLK Day.

This year the flags again were not flown on MLK Day. I am not Black (Swedish American) and not “woke” (retired cop and avid gun collector), but shouldn’t I feel offended?

Paul Truedson

Central Point

Voting rights

Both political parties are claiming the high ground on voting rights laws.

The U.S. Constitution leaves voter qualifications to the states, subject to the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment. Age, time, place, criminal record, etc.

In my opinion, most of us expect voters to meet reasonable qualifications and expect voters to evidence that they meet the reasonable qualifications in order to have their vote counted. That is now the state of the law.

Republicans claim that Democrats want voting laws that don’t require voter identification and qualifications. Democrats claim that Republicans want laws that restrict the voting rights of minorities.

Neither party has made their case; yet, we are bombarded daily with mere labels, whereby each party attempts to portray the other as shameless.

John M. Moore

Eagle Point