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Letters, Jan. 21

Michael Ramirez’ cartoon displayed hypocrisy

Michael Ramirez’ political cartoon in the Sunday Mail Tribune represents the height of Republican hypocrisy.

While Trump’s COVID responses —- proposing the ingestion of bleach, or declaring that it will magically disappear — were apparently quite acceptable, Biden’s earnest attempts are for some reason worthy of ridicule.

It is so discouraging that the eternal struggle of all of humanity to arrive at our current opportunities for enlightenment, health and well-being are being summarily negated by the willful embrace of ignorance and stupidity.

Dan Fellman


Must we sit through a political lecture before a play?

I’ve supported OSF for more than a decade, but no more.

OSF now prefaces its live performances with a lengthy political message regarding Southern Oregon’s indigenous people and how they were mistreated by the white man.

This offends me. I don’t attend cultural events to be lectured about the guilt the white man should feel for the transgressions of his ancestors. I attend for the emotions they impart. If I want a political lecture, I’ll listen to a podcast, or watch the “news” on TV.

OSF’s board members are simply trying to assuage their liberal guilt by trying to make more of us feel guilty as well. And it’s not just “progressive” tripe that offends me; I don’t want to hear about elections being “stolen” either.

Politics is polarizing; we need less of it in our society, not more. Our country was founded on the concept of a “common good,” to which the colonists nobly pledged themselves. Where is that consensus today? Deteriorating daily, I’d say. I’m “voting with my feet” — and my pocketbook. How about you?

Dennis Kendig